A specialist knowledge and understanding of our clients’ industries underpins our service offering



Although not an industry sector, all new start up businesses will be faced with some common issues, including;

• How to structure the business efficiently
• How to register the business
• Securing finance
• Obtaining State Supports/Assistances for new businesses
• Securing access to valuable tax reliefs available to new businesses
• Compliance with law and regulations

This is an area in which we have extensive experience, and are very active. We would be delighted to meet with you to discuss your new business.

Import & Distribution

We have been advising clients in this sector for many years, and our principals’ experience includes extensive time working in this industry. We have a fundamental understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by those operating in this sector, and are ideally placed to advise on same.


We act for a large number of professional clients, including a number of solicitors, doctors, dentists and consulting businesses of all kinds. At Tynan Dillon we have an experienced team who are available to discuss and advise on the optimal business structure for these businesses, and on reporting and compliance obligations that may be specific to their industries.


Our retail client base varies from grocery and convenience stores, to fashion, pharmacies and jewellery. Recent reductions in disposable income in this country have resulted in consumer demand for higher quality at a lower price, and is one of a number of challenges facing this sector. At Tynan Dillon we are conscious of these difficulties and assist in maximising opportunities and assisting retailers in optimising the returns from their businesses.

Licensed Trade

The licensed trade has seen many challenges over the past number of years with increased competition as well as a reduced turnover due to the current financial climate.

We work with a significant number of clients in this industry, advising them on all aspects of their businesses, including improvements to profitability, compliance with ever increasing regulation, and benchmarking of results.


The slowdown in activity as part of the recent recession, as well as the sharp decline in property prices led to significant difficulties in this area. We work with many clients continuing to operate in this sector, assisting them in exploiting the opportunities available. We also work closely with any clients in difficulty, and with lending institutions to find sustainable solutions to help businesses move forward.

Farming & Agriculture

Ireland has invested over many decades in the development of the agricultural sector. This sector has seen increased profitability in the last few years because of the quality of our produce and a growing demand worldwide for quality Irish products.

Tynan Dillon have been working with farmers, and businesses in the agri-food industry for over 50 years. We have a clear understanding of the requirements of those operating in this industry, and pride ourselves on delivering a first class service to them.

As an export industry with high standards of food safety and quality, the agri-food industry in Ireland has a key role to play in contributing to the international security of food supply to the millions beyond our shores, and do so in a sustainable way.